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Thrivent Builds

Thrivent Builds is a financial, volunteer and advocacy partnership between Thrivent Financial® and Habitat for Humanity® International. The multi-year, multi-million dollar partnership includes three programs under the Thrivent Builds umbrella:

  • Thrivent Builds Homes – Thrivent Financial will sponsor the construction of Habitat homes and seek to engage thousands of volunteers in Habitat home-building projects. 50 percent of the funding for each Thrivent Builds home will come from Thrivent Financial with the remaining funding coming from the continuing fund-raising efforts of local Thrivent members and Habitat for Humanity affiliates.
  • Thrivent Builds Repairs – Thrivent Financial members and other volunteers will partner with local Habitat affiliates around the country to complete simple one- or two-day projects to improve existing owner-occupied homes. A significant portion of the project funding will come from Thrivent Financial.
  • Thrivent Builds Worldwide – Thrivent Financial members and other volunteers will participate on short-term (one- to two-week) trips of members and other volunteers to build homes domestically and internationally

Thrivent Builds with Habitat for Humanity mobilizes Thrivent Financial members and other volunteers all across the country to help build homes with families in need, and change their lives. Each year, Thrivent Builds contributes financially and with volunteer hours to help build affordable homes alongside partner families in the United States. Habitat affiliates partner with Thrivent Builds to make it all possible!

Locally, Thrivent Financial has partnered with us to support the building of 12 homes and 3 home repairs.  This year, we are blessed to be partnering with Thrivent Builds on two new home constructions and hope to work with them on one or more repairs.

Local congregations and Thrivent Members play an important role in making this partnership possible.  Volunteer hours and financial gifts help us meet funding requirement goals.  For more information, call the Habitat office at 320-762-4255 or email

Other ways Thrivent Members can become involved: