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Safe homes. Nutritious foods on the table. Health care. Access to good schools. Reliable transportation. Which would you choose?

1 in 6 families are denied the personal and economic stability that safe, decent and affordable housing provides because they pay more than 30% of their income on housing.

Your home shouldn't cost you anywhere near half your paycheck. Home shouldn't cost you your health. Home shouldn't cost you your kids' education. When the cost of home is your family's future, the cost is too high. When the cost of home is any family's future, that's something none of us can afford.

According to the Out of Reach 2020 report by the National Low-Income Housing Coalition, in Douglas County Minnesota, a full-time employee needs to earn $15.56 an hour in order to afford a modest two-bedroom apartment without paying more than 30% of income on housing.   Click the image to read more!

We also know the struggle, stress and pain of far too many families in our area. And we know that those with the fewest resources are forced to make the hardest choices.

We have to take a stand and declare our commitment: Habitat for Humanity will work to ensure that no family has to pay more than half of their paycheck to cover the cost of home.

Everyone deserves to build the foundation for a strong, healthy future for themselves and their families -- no matter where they lie, or how much money they earn. Every family deserves the chance to thrive.

Help us make the #costofhome something we can all afford.  Join us now!

"Shelter in Place" is not as straightforward as it sounds for families struggling to make ends meet.  Read more from Jonathan Reckford, Habitat for Humanity CEO.