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Appreciated Investments

Making a gift to HFH of Douglas County, Minnesota Inc. in the form of stock, bonds or other securities provides you with a tax-efficient method to have an impact on local housing and are received into the affiliate's brokerage account.

Gifts of securities will be acknowledged to the donor at the value received into the account, as of the day received. All securities may be sold immediately upon receipt into the account. The funds available after the sale will be deposited into accounts of low risk, such as FDIC insured bank accounts, treasury notes or bills, or certificates of deposit.

Please have your financial advisory contact our broker, Joshua Tatge, of Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC at 320-762-8141 or joshua.j.tatge@ampf.com

When your gift is transferred to our account, we may not receive all the information that identified you as the donor. We want to be sure that your gift is properly received and acknowledged, so please email nicole@hfhdouglascounty.org or call 320-762-4255 either before or after your donation and share the following information about your gift:
          Name of Investment
          Number of shares
          Your name and address

Thank you for helping us build a world where everyone has a decent place to live.