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Aging in Place

Please contact Denise, our Homeowner Services Coordinator
with any questions at 320-762-4255.

What is Aging in Place?

Aging in Place is a program that partners with people age 65 or older to make improvements to the safety, accessibility, or energy efficiency of the home.

Aging in Place is a movement to not only enable people to age safely in their homes but also to create an environment where older adults can continue to learn and contribute, develop relationships with people of all ages, maintain a healthy lifestyle, live independently and receive healthcare and support services that are community-based. At the end of the day, a livable community for older adults is a livable community for everyone.

How do I apply?

Call our office at 320-762-4255 to request an application or click below to download and print the application.

What is the cost?

Our Aging in Place program is a hand-up not a hand out. Repayment is determined on a sliding scale based on homeowner income to ensure affordability. Aging in Place projects have a maximum cost of $7,500.